KARL STORZ Industrial Group – America


Developed For Heavy-Duty Industrial Grade Use


KARL STORZ Industrial borescopes are developed for heavy-duty industrial grade use. Our robust high performance rigid borescopes are designed with the HOPKINS® II rod lens system that provides unsurpassed image quality through exceptionally clear, sharp, bright images. KARL STORZ Industrial optical systems are engineered and manufactured to produce maximum illumination and resolution. Our borescopes feature integrated fiber optic illumination within our double-walled stainless steel shaft that include sapphire glass end-piece designs rendering the borescope extremely resistant to damage and wear ensuring optimal protection in the harshest environments.

The complete line of KARL STORZ Industrial borescopes include rigid borescopes, Swing Prism Borescopes and semi-rigid borescopes (flexible fiberscopes) These optical visualization instruments are compatible with the complete line of KARL STORZ Industrial illumination products as well as digital imaging (borescope cameras) and documentation systems, enabling the investigator to explore, visualize document and record areas in a non-destructive manner; all with remarkable clarity, color fidelity and ease-of-use.

KARL STORZ Industrial Grade Borescopes:

  • - Pressure resistant up to +5 bar
  • - Double wall sheath provides
       maximum stability under load
  • - Metal protective layers to protect optical system
  • - Resistant to oil, fuel and solvents
  • - Temperature resistant to 150°C and above

KARL STORZ Precision Image Quality:

  • - Optimal image brightness
  • - True-color images
  • - Maximum image sharpness
  • - Diopter adjustment/eyepiece focus
  • - Built-in fiber optic light guide
  • - Unequalled field size